Holiday Update #2 – Darlene Foster

By admin in Featured Artists > Other Mediums

Today in our Holiday Update series we’re taking another look at digital artist Darlene Foster’s amazing manipulated photographs.

Darlene’s work is always intriguing, and mixes surrealist elements with nostalgic landscapes and scenes. Groundhog Day, below, is an excellent example of her skillful digital creations.


We featured Darlene’s work all the way back in 2009, and it’s fascinating to look back and see how her style has continued to develop and evolve throughout the past 5 years.

I encourage you to follow Darlene on her blog or facebook, and if you’re in the holiday mood, go ahead and share those links around as well—let’s all try to send her an early Christmas present in the form of more visitors!

Have a great Christmas Eve tomorrow, and hopefully We’ll see you back here for another artist update!


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