Nidhi Chanani: Charming Digital Illustrations

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Other Mediums

California-based digital illustrator Nidhi Chanani has a real talent for creating nostalgic illustrations celebrating life’s greatest moments—and her work hasn’t gone unnoticed!

In April of 2012, Nidhi was honored at the White House as a Champion of Change for her work as an Indian-American artist actively representing diversity within American communities. Her media appearances include CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 and BBC Radio, and her work has been featured on Paramount Pictures, ABC and Disney, just to name a select few.

Why so many accolades? Because whether you enjoy dancing in your pajamas during a stormy night or feeding ducks at the pond just up the street from your house, Nidhi ensures everyone, young or old, can relate to her artwork, and the little, important moments that add up throughout a lifetime.

Let’s start with Dance Party below. A little rain can’t keep these two down, or, for that matter, from grooving through the late-night hours!


Comfort is very important to these two, on every level—from the jammies they are wearing, to their ease at one-upping one another with silly dance moves. It’s a feel-good moment that makes any viewer instantly wish for a little rain!

Next, We Met in College brings to mind the feeling of knowing someone for years upon years and being able to enjoy and bond over one truly spectacular moment. . . such as a stunning view of this gorgeous forest.


The sunlight gleaming through the trees suggests, at least to me, the enlightened conversation these two are undoubtedly having as they soak up nature in all its glory. The earthy colors are soothing and unpresumptuous, letting the viewer know that no matter how deep the conversation goes, the duo’s lighthearted spirit—seen in the way they relax contentedly against the bridge’s railing—will remain intact.

And finally, what could be better than a Lunch Break visit to the local farmer’s market for fresh, juicy produce with a loved one?


Joy is etched on the faces of these two lovebirds as they stroll in unison away from the market, prize in hand. The community bustles behind them, but they are completely lost within themselves, as noted by the way the male adoringly offers his lady a sample bite of his lunch.

It’s a beautiful day (and experience) for two people who are no doubt very connected with the good vibes the earth is throwing their way. C’est la vie!

All of Nidhi’s illustrations are special in their own way, as are the characters she develops. Don’t play favorites like I painstakingly had to do above—just head over to Nidhi’s website, Everyday Love Art, and view all of her fabulous work. . . each one is a slice of paradise!


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