How to Draw with Perspective – A Free Downloadable Guide

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Perspective is one of those things that many artists (myself included) may try to “eyeball” rather than measure. After all, when you’re drawing a figure, a landscape, or anything else without hard lines and angles, focusing on perspective may seem unnecessary.

But what about cityscapes? Rooms? Highways and bridges? Or even something as simple as the chair that your model is sitting on?

The truth is, there are many situations (and subjects) that require a solid understanding of one-, two-, or three-point perspective.

Lucky for us, Paul Heaston—in collaboration with Craftsy—has created a completely FREE guide to perspective that you can download right now. This easy-to-read PDF download makes for a fantastic refresher course if you’ve already learned all about perspective in the past, but even if it’s all new information, it still covers everything you need to know to start drawing with perspective immediately.


The entire PDF is filled with crisp illustrations and instructions, starting with one-point perspective and going through two- and three-point perspective as well. The total length is just under 25 pages, so you can get through it pretty quickly and then use it as a reference after that.

In addition to the basics of perspective, Paul also covers some of the more difficult aspects of perspective drawing, and explains them easily enough to grasp even on your first time through. This includes instruction on drawing circles in perspective (which turns them into ellipses), how to place telephone poles heading into the distance (so they’re the correct distance apart), and how to place your vanishing points so your drawings look amazing!


Make a point to visit Craftsy’s download page today and get this free guide for yourself—perspective drawing SOUNDS technical, but once you’ve got the concepts down, it can really make your artwork pop!

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Editor’s Note: special thanks to Craftsy for sponsoring this post with a free download. Click the following link to get How to Draw with Perspective for free!


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