This Week: 7/6 through 7/12

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After an all-to-short 4th of July weekend we’ve decided to take the entire week off and soak up some additional sun. (After all, what’s summer without vacation??)

Never fear, though, we’ll be back to our normal schedule of articles next Sunday. :)

In the meantime, don’t miss this special discount for EE readers!

If you’re a digital artist, illustrator, photographer, or just need to edit your own artwork photos, here’s a great opportunity to learn everything you need to know about photo-editing at a very low price.

Our friends over at have bundled together 21 professional photoshop tutorials, and are now selling access to all of them for less than the cost of a camera strap.

You’ll get instant access to portrait retouching videos (explaining color correction, adding contrast, smoothing, and so on), a video tutorial on creating digital cartoons, one on editing wedding photos, and many, many more.

The current discount is huge, so if any of these lessons look like they’d help you, now is the time to buy.

FYI, EmptyEasel has published a few articles on photo-editing in the past, but nothing like this (and nothing with video) so we hope you’ll enjoy them!

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