Let’s Make Buying Art Supplies Online Easier, Faster, and Cheaper!

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Buying art supplies is always going to be a big expense for artists. . . we know that from our own experience, and we hear it all the time from other artists, too.

And unfortunately, that leaves most artists with a tough choice:

You either spend a lot of time waiting for deals and driving around to different art supply stores to save money, OR you buy everything from one place online to save time (even if a few of those supplies are cheaper elsewhere—because, after all, paying multiple shipping fees from different stores doesn’t help either).

It seems to us like there should be an easier way. . . and we want to find it!

So here’s the plan we’ve been cooking up:

1. We want to help artists find the exact brands/supplies they need
2. At the lowest price possible
3. While spending less time—heck, no time—doing it!

To do those three things, we’ve decided to create an online shopping service/tool. Not only that, but it will be FREE TO USE until such a time that we can prove it saves you money every time you use it.

Once we know for sure that our service works, we’ll start charging just a little bit to cover the costs of running it—something like just a few dollars each year. (Another option is that we’d charge a small percentage of the amount you save with each purchase.)

Bottom line, though, if we can’t save you money, we won’t charge a dime.

This is where YOU can help:

We have several different ideas that we need to test out, on a wide variety of real-world artists. If you’re interested in saving either time or money when buying art supplies online, and you’d like to help by giving us feedback or testing out our service when it’s ready, PLEASE let us know through our beta-tester sign-up page.

Not only do we need your feedback, but we’re also trying to see how much interest there would be in a service that will eventually cost a small amount of money to use. The idea of paying a little bit of money to save a lot of money (and time) buying art supplies may seem like a no-brainer, but the truth is, not everyone is willing to do that. This may be the single most important question we have to answer before we can dive in and make this service a reality.

At any rate, depending on the number of responses we get, we may temporarily need to limit new sign-ups (or we may have to beg for more). Either way, though, we’ll let you know! :)

Here’s the link to sign up, one more time. If you’re willing and able to help, we’d love to have you onboard—let’s make something great together!


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