Nicolas Delille: 2D and 3D Digital Art

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Nicolas Delille is a 29-year-old, French graphic designer and former art director with seven years of experience in advertising and branding for the likes of Coca-Cola, Garnier and BMW. He now creates content as a freelancer for advertising, design and packaging agencies, as well as for magazines and architects.

Comical, edgy and societal, Nicolas’s ultra-modern work is both symbolic and filled to the brim with eye-catching detail and vibrant color. He uses Photoshop (for photo manipulation), Zbrush (which enables 3d organic modeling and texturing), After Effect, and several other programs to deliver animations, realistic images, and more.

Take this first digital artwork for example. We’re so close to the ladybug in this macro photo that we can see it tightly hugging a sunflower as though holding on to its last friend on earth.


Nicolas plops the ladybug directly on the flower’s yellow disc florets, and lets its petals instinctively curve up as if to protect the little insect from any harm. His expertise shines in the way he was able to create that hard shell doubling as wings, which shine like that of a helmet, sturdily and protectively encasing the ladybug.

Even the lines following the length of the yellow petals give an added look of realism, with a slight shimmer that suggests their soft-as-silk, yet delicate feel. The ladybug’s eyes are matte, which is a beautiful contrast to that of its reflective body.

This next piece of art, entitled Oppression, symbolizes societal beliefs of what a woman’s job, goals and life should surround. (And Nicolas has equally interesting artwork for a grown male and a male teenager on his website.)


So often, women may feel as if they are being dragged down by life’s expectations, losing their individualism to these almost impossible standards. Like zombies, they rush through each day, tending to the needs of others without ever thinking of their own.

Do the family shopping. Iron everyone’s clothes. Feed the baby. The hundreds of pink zombies in the image above remind me rather ironically of the Game of Life we have in the United States. This piece of art is about breaking down gender roles and embracing a modern age where men and women are equally competent at dealing with mowing the lawn, caring for children or bringing home a paycheck.

Nicolas’ comment about this next work, entitled On a Sunny Afternoon, is that “sometimes it’s so hot outside, you have to find an occupation.”


The humor is obvious—temperature is of no concern to robots, and with robotics being used and bringing so much to technology in the world today, pretty soon, what occupations will be left—they’ll have been assigned to them all!

Did you notice the adult robot’s boxlike slippers, as if his feet are cold? This piece of artwork indefinitely shows a lighter side to Nicolas’ humor, while still highlighting his mindfulness of global issues.

Of course, Nicolas has a wonderful website with a lot more artwork just begging to be explored. I highly recommend checking it out (including a personal favorite, the ever-ironic Turtle War.)


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