Eric Sweet: Charcoal Portraits, Wildlife Watercolors and Ink Drawings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Other Mediums

An artistic jack of all trades, Eric Sweet creates vibrant charcoal portraits, colorful wildlife paintings, meticulous architectural drawings, sophisticated sculptures and custom wooden furniture.

His spiritual connection with animals, interest in the human form, light and shadow, and past hobby drawing futuristic cars have led him on an endless path of discovery, innovation and success. Oh, yeah, and when he’s not creating, you can find him dabbling between his job as a professional counselor at a local college, golfing or vacationing.

This charcoal drawing on Bristol board bears an uncanny likeness to the Sultan of Swat! A close, cropped perspective of Babe Ruth’s face allows us to appreciate the infamous ball player’s look of sheer concentration and determination.


With that one look, it’s simple to grasp why he was so accomplished—he never gave up, and he put his entire heart into the game.

The black background sets off the vivid detail of Ruth’s face—his tight-lipped expression, deep-cast eyelids and prominent wrinkles give his face beautiful contrast. I visualize him sitting in the dugout, honing in on the batter at the plate as the sound of cheers and whistles are drowned—so absorbed by the game is he.

The cheery watercolor painting below is one of my favorites. The plucky raspberry-colored feathers crown this hummingbird’s head and with their short, capped shape, emulate for me what it would look like if the bird were warbling, his throat vibrating with joyful sound each feather in unison.


Dressed to the nines in green and yellow feathers, the dainty bird also wears inconspicuous, earthy colors with style. A wash of baby blue in the background allows us to appropriately acclaim the bird’s jewel-colored majesty. Its eyes are as sharp as its long beak, and its tail feathers point stiffly outward with precision, ready to carry the bird speedily away at a millisecond’s notice.

Lastly, this ultra-modern ink and acrylic painting of the Eiffel Tower below reminds me partially of the computer game, Asteroid, with its shooting lines of light, and also partially of a finely drawn architectural design.

eiffel tower

The neon flashes of color against the sheer black background allow the magical glow of the tower to descend across the matted darkness, casting its light generously onto the park and buildings surrounding it. I just love the intricate linear shapes that make up this painting; they give it a lot of movement and excitement!

Eric’s clay sculpture of a father holding his infant son is especially moving. Don’t miss out on the chance to view his craftsmanship on his website. And, if you’re like me, you’ll want to visit his online shop to pick up a piece or two for your home!


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