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Alyice Edrich: Mixed Media Paintings & Digital Photographs

As a young girl, Alyice Edrich was taught that creating with one’s hands—whether it be crafting, baking, painting, or taking photos—was a great way to lift the soul. Today, it’s still the one thing that truly makes her feel alive.

Much of Alyice’s current work is a combination of scanned hand-painted papers, textured digital papers, photographed textures, and various effects tools from both PaintShop Pro X2 and Photoshop Elements 9. . . resulting in mixed media art truly worthy of framing.


Whether Alyice is photographing natural landscapes or wildlife, she finds adding a little “digital magic” really gives her photographic pieces character.

For instance, in the following photograph Alyice was on a train ride in Colorado when a deer happened to jump out of the bushes. The deer paused just long enough to admire the beautiful sunset before sprinting off. Luckily, Alyice had her camera readily available and was able to get a quick snapshot.


Although the photo looked lovely with its natural colors, a little work with photo-editing software helped to tint the photograph and add a slight hint of canvas texture for a stunning monochromatic print.


The piece above features a single red flower which has been layered with several background papers and textures. Using a variety of transparencies, both on the flower, and on the background papers, Alyice created a wonderful, soft digital print that paired beautifully with a few words on friendship.

Lastly, this photograph of Brant Lake in South Dakota showcases a beach-front view of the water where an old family cabin used to stand.


Alyice chose to slightly mute the colors in the photograph and add textures that would give the appearance of aging, commemorating the memories she and her family shared of that place.

To learn more about Alyice or her art, visit her blog at AlyiceEdrich.com or stop by her Zazzle shop to order prints and other pieces of her work.

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