Alan Derrick: 3D Pop Art Sculptures in Steel

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Other Mediums

Alan Derrick’s 3D metal pop art pays uncanny tribute to past and present iconic figures, and his work possesses qualities similar to sculptures and paintings, alike.

To begin, Alan layers two abstract steel cut-outs against a third solid black panel. He then cuts and stacks floating layers of metal in a way that creates the illusion of depth, dimension and underlying shadows.

“I splatter colors onto each layer using a technique that is both uniform and random in nature. This enhances the 3D effect,” Alan says. “The resulting patterns and texture are designed to create an illusion of light washing over the subject.”

On the left side of this first sculpture, entitled Einstein, Alan has carved the phrase, “Reality is merely an illusion—albeit a very persistent one.” Just like Einstein, Alan pushes the boundaries of his creativity by delivering a work of art that truly characterizes the genius’ likeness and philosophy.

Einstein Art Purple

Upon studying this piece, the celestial purple and dotted black galaxy in the background lends itself to an endless array of hazy daydreams. From them quite literally emerges the golden figure of Einstein, whose somber face and wild hair give way to deep eyes that gaze profoundly into mine.

Glitzy and glamorous is the silvery, glittery Monroe sculpture below. Her graceful pose, voluptuous lips, cascading golden hair and long lashes personify everything she is, and that’s exactly the feeling I get from the first layer of steel!

Monroe Art Red

Marilyn’s right side is lit with flashes of red, which also quite vividly represent her passion and zest for life and love. Further back, pure black takes over, cut to the edge of Monroe’s silhouette in perfect precision, adding to the drama and mystery.and finishing out a beautiful representation of this sultry, seductive star.

Lastly, Hank Williams, Jr. simply comes to life in the piece below. We see a side view of him, which highlights his angular cheekbones and strong features—his broad shoulders, full beard and stout nose.

Williams Art Blue

Hank’s hat shrouds him, bringing to mind careful contemplation and allowing his guitar to take main stage as we see it come aglow in a cool, moonlit light. The blue colors lend a calming effect, while the orange brings to life an edgier, more moody Hank. This is also suggested in the black, imperfect border of the art.

With his shades on, Hank is the epitome of cool success. . . and just like this artwork, his image will live on throughout the ages.

Many more famous figures are represented in Alan’s artwork and on his website, so head on over and find your favorite today!


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