Roula Chreim: Dreamlike Acrylic, Oil, and Mixed Media Paintings

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As a young artist, Lebanese painter Roula Chreim drew inspiration from the boxy houses and flowery meadows within her former town, Salhieh. Today, she still finds her artistic calling in nature, oftentimes incorporating objects collected from seashores or alongside roads for her mixed media paintings.

She paints in either oils or acrylics and doesn’t hesitate to try new things, choosing to use canvas, wood and even metal to create her surreal works of art.

Once Upon a Lovely Day portrays two dignified ladies lightly treading atop a meadow full of vibrant flowers. And, not only that, but the meadow appears to be floating in the middle of a cerulean blue sky!

Once Upon A Lovely Day

The structure of this painting is fascinating and full of depth. Flowering tree branches create trails and bouquets of happy yellow blossoms flowing down the canvas. In pristine white dresses, the ladies appear ready to take their afternoon tea outdoors, surrounded by a setting straight out of a fairytale.

Painted predominately in blush and peach hues, the expressionistic Broken Strings below has an air of romance and drama to it. Sweeping curtains and tall, golden candelabras quite literally set the stage for a glamorous evening full of excitement.

Broken Strings

Two women in evening gowns speak in hushed voices behind the scenes, while passionate colors swirl around them, depicting their energy and vivaciousness.

The night is a blur, as we can easily imagine all such nights are, due to the shimmery gold and soft pink hues that swish lavishly over Roula’s canvas, fading and concealing the women into the background.

Lastly, Sur La Coline has the intense, tropical characteristics of being on a sultry beach hundreds of miles closer to the relentless sun.

sur la coline (2)

The sky is a flawless, rich blue that not even the sea dare mimics, while the textured, golden sand looks as scorchingly hot as the sun itself. Looking at this work, my love for summer returns, and the only things that are missing are sunglasses and a piña colada in my hand!

Don’t miss the chance to view more of Roula’s enchanting paintings. Stop by her website and catch a glimpse of some of her other charming scenes now!


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