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Daniel Olivier-Argyle: Fun-filled Caricatures and Digital Illustrations

If English artist and illustrator Dan Olivier-Argyle can make even one person smile with his artwork, he’ll consider it a job well done.

Working in both traditional and digital mediums, Dan creates unforgettable pieces filled with amusing characters who seem to also possess his happy-go-lucky charm. And, after checking out his amazing caricatures, I think it’s safe to say he could try anything and succeed—all while cracking a joke or two as he works.

Check out this fun first illustration, appropriately entitled Bounce. Unadulterated joy fills a two-horned monster’s face as he bounces rather atop a smaller, weaker monster (whose wobbly smile shows us that he is somehow managing to take it all in stride).


Having an older brother who used to pick on me (this must be a rule of all older brothers) I know this particular story well! The top monster wears a bow tie, but it’s clear he is anything but a gentleman as saliva flies merrily from his flopping tongue.

It just goes to show that when you don’t have a Hoppity Hop nearby, a friend will do just fine!

And who wasn’t inspired after watching the summer Olympics? Below, Dan has recreated Olympic heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis during her moment of glory in a stunning caricature.


With the British flag cloaking her in its read, white, and blue approval, Jessica’s hundred-watt grin speaks for itself. The roar of the crowd behind her is more than appropriate given that she completed her event with style and grace, earning the gold medal along the way.

Lastly, Attempted Murder below shows off Dan’s humor to a T. As many of you may know, a large flock of crows is known as a “murder” of crows. Therefore, the presence of these two crows is not, alas, enough to qualify as a murder—just an attempt at one.


With their shining beaks, bright eyes and amused expressions, the crows seem to revel in this absurdity as much as Dan surely did in creating them. A stark background and leafless, mossy tree branches complete the standard “ominous crow scene,” but these two look so pleased with themselves that it’s impossible not to break into a smile at the sight.

On his website Dan has many more superb illustrations that are equally endearing, along with caricatures of actors like Kurt Russell, Johnny Depp, and Audrey Tautou. Head over now and take a look!

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