Joey Chou: Fantastic & Whimsical Illustrations

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Other Mediums

As an artist for Nickelodeon, children’s book illustrator, and self-published author, Joey Chou’s illustrations are ripe with humorous and whimsical delights. His work contains playful characters which, more often than not, still manage to tug at your heartstrings.

Take this first illustration, entitled Yeti Hospitality. Joey has created a spectacular frozen tableau of extinct creatues, and then makes us question just whether or not the Yeti is another non-existent being.


Personally, I hope he’s not. . . because with his cozy, homemade polar bear rug, elegant decor and top notch hosting skills (I bet he even cooks, too!) it appears he’s a friendly and good-natured animal after all.

Ocean Listener, seen below, is part of a three-piece installation which depicts the exploration of our planet from land, air and sea. Gently lapping waves and a friendly crab keep this boy and his dog company along this waterlogged leg of the journey.


With the variation, depth and dimensionality found in the green and blue colors of the lulling waves, it’s almost as if you could fall right through them – as if they could be an entryway into an entirely different, but still extremely mystical world.

Lastly, Couch Shopping captures the odd gamut of customers brought together by one super ordinary and at times, daunting, task: buying new furniture.


With its elongated view of the scene, as well as each piece of furniture’s odd shape, Joey is able to bring a unique, fun perspective to what could otherwise be a monotonous or frustrating shopping trip.

Joey’s good-natured humor shines through as man with overly-long legs attempts to enjoy a rather low-sitting chair, and an elderly woman eyes a couch that appears to be more contemporary chic than back supportive!

Of course we’ve just scratched the surface of the wonderful illustrations available on Joey’s website, so if any of the images above caught your fancy, be sure to head over and check out the rest of his work.


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