Jaison Cianelli: Expressionist Painter

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Other Mediums

Emotions flair as artist Jaison Cianelli unleashes his creativity on an unsuspecting canvas. This self-taught American artist is an expressionist art enthusiast, which is instantly apparent from the powerful, high contrast paintings he creates.

Jaison uses acrylic paint and mixed media to produce pieces flourishing with natural flow and plenty of texture.

His latest venture delves into abstract digital paintings, made with computer software and various filtering techniques. The final giclée printing process brings these digital paintings to life on canvas.

Passion (shown below) is a product of his digital technique. Reds, yellows and oranges illustrate burning desire in all its glory, while all that jagged texture perfectly illustrates the ups and downs of extreme passion.


Looking closely at the middle of the painting, I can even see an abstract heart outlined in brilliant white, aptly giving homage to the phrase “white hot.”

At the same time, the dark crimson hues behind it seem to create a deep crevice, causing the heart to pop forward into the third dimension.


From warm to cool tones, Falling Sea (above) welcomes new elements to Jaison’s work. He uses a gradient of blue hues to create depth in the sky, while experimenting with thick textures to bring the sea’s energy to life—I highly recommend seeing the larger image on Jaison’s website to get the full textural effect.

My favorite part of this painting is the sea foam created through the repetitive use of circles in assorted sizes. While the wave in the background speaks of power and force, the froth washing toward the beach in the forefront of the painting depicts a much gentler theme.

Water takes on a different light altogether, in this last painting entitled Bursting Sun.


If I were to look at this painting up close, I would see cleanly separated colors circulating around a intense white focal point to the middle right of the painting.

At a distance, however, I see a much livelier narrative: a stream sitting quietly amidst a forest at sunset. The sun gleams off the water and leaves the sky bathed in a warm glow. Extra texture applied to the red- and purple-shaded trees give me a real sense of branches that are rough and spindly.

The erratic yellow paint which is splattered throughout the painting reminds me of a exploding fireworks streaking and spinning through the sky. It’s like actually seeing the heat and sizzle of summer, as the blazing sun comes to rest.

For more of Jaison’s abstract seascapes, landscapes, and digital artwork, please check out his website at CianelliStudios.com.


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