This Week: 11/7 through 11/13

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Seeing how this week marks the 4th anniversary of, I’ve decided to take the week off, kick back, and relax in the sunshine—provided I can still find some this late in the year. :)

In the meantime, I’ve rounded up the top ten most-read articles on EE for your viewing pleasure. I also did a little math, and was astonished to find that when put together, these ten articles have been read more than 900,000 times in 4 years!

Seems a shame not to make it an even million. . . :) Come on by anytime this week and check ’em out:

1. 9 Very Common Figure Drawing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

2. How to Make Stretcher Bars for a Stretched Canvas Painting

3. Making Better Oil Paintings: Tips & Techniques for Correctly Mixing Color

4. How To Add Color To Black and White Photos in Photoshop

5. How to Draw what you See: Techniques to Improve your Drawing Skills

6. Is Bob Ross Helpful or Harmful to Artists?

7. How to Clean your Paint Brushes after Oil Painting

8. Using the Color Wheel: Color Theory Tips for Artists and Painters

9. 7 Tips for Selling Art Online: How to Help Buyers Find your Artwork

10. Oil Painting Tips Part 2: Mixing Colors to get Brown and Black

Plus, here are last week’s articles on EmptyEasel:

Black – It’s Classy and Powerful, but it Doesn’t Belong on your Website

Kirby Jones: Photographing Natural Beauty

An Art Licensing Interview with Phyllis Dobbs

That Uncomfortable, Awkward Silence (by John Stillmunks)

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