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Calling All Artists. . . And All Holiday Art

It’s that time of year again, folks! The holiday season is here, Christmas is just around the corner, and EmptyEasel is looking for your contributions!

And by contributions, I don’t mean money. :)

No, I’m actually looking for some great Christmas/holiday/winter artwork (anything in that genre) to feature on EmptyEasel during the two weeks leading up to Christmas.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Starting on December 14th I’ll be posting a new piece of art on EmptyEasel.com at least once a day (and probably more often than that). I’ll continue posting art all the way through December 25th.

And of course, with each post I’ll link back to the artist’s website so everybody who drops by can see more of the artist’s work.

Now, there are two ways for you to get involved.

1. If you’d like your own artwork to be included, you can either send me an image via my artwork submission form or email it directly to EmptyEasel@gmail.com with the words “Holiday Art” in the subject line.

2. If you think another artist deserves to have their work featured, please nominate them by sending me a link to the specific work of art on their website that I should use. Again, you can either email me directly at EmptyEasel@gmail.com with the words “Holiday Art” in the subject line, or just use my contact page.

Since this isn’t a contest, there won’t be any prizes or voting for a winner or anything like that. Everyone who participates, however, will hopefully get a nice little boost of traffic from EmptyEasel to their website over the holidays. :)

Rules and regulations:

Please send just one artwork for yourself. Feel free to nominate as many other artists as you’d like, though.

All mediums will be accepted. Paintings, sculptures, digital art, mixed-media, you name it. All that I ask is that the subject matter be related to the holidays, Christmas or winter.

The deadline for submitting art is two weeks from today—December 18th. That leaves you plenty of time to MAKE some holiday-themed art if you don’t have anything ready right now. :)

All right, I think that’s about it. . . I’m sure that some of you have ideas already, so just start sending them in and let’s get this ball rolling!

*Note: this post may contain affiliate links*

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