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Whimsical Food Illustrations by Lisa Orgler

Have you ever had an artist’s work just pop out at you, surprising you with a fresh look or idea? Well, this past week Lisa Orgler’s tiny food illustrations did exactly that.

Lisa’s blog, The Lunchbox Project, combines food, art, and journaling in a very appetizing package (pun intended.)

Three to five times every week there’s a new illustrated food masterpiece on display, each one small enough to be painted on the back of a traditional playing card.

Crockpot Magic by Lisa Orgler

Some of Lisa’s illustrations incorporate the patterns originally found on the cards, while others are completely painted over in preparation for the food item.

As you can imagine, this collage-style approach allows for the inclusion of a lot of bright patterns and colors which match perfectly with Lisa’s whimsical painting style.

Pepper Bacon Egg Sandwich by Lisa Orgler

Along with the illustrations, every blog post on The Lunchbox Project includes a short account of the meal that inspired the drawing. If you’re a food-lover (and that’s most of us, right?) this adds even more to the experience.

Cottage Cheese by Lisa Orgler

Lisa’s goal is to go for at least one year with The Lunchbox Project, which means there will be a lot more of these cards appearing throughout the rest of 2009. It’s certainly a very different kind of food resolution for the new year, but one that promises to be much more interesting (and long-lasting) than the traditional new year’s diet. :)

If you’d like to see more of Lisa Orgler’s food illustrations, please visit her blog at TheLunchboxProject.blogspot.com or drop by her Etsy store.

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