Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Merry Christmas everyone!

If you dropped by EmptyEasel last week you know that we’ve been inviting EE readers send in their favorite artists or art websites.

The response was incredible, with a lot of great recommendations—and since there were too many to post in just seven days, I’m including the rest of them today.

1. From Ester Wilson at

2. From Tanya & Craig Amberson at

3. From Tim ONeill at

4. From Lynne Oakes at

5. From Sally Haig at

6. From Donald Keith Montgomery at

7. From Sallie Atkins

8. Nora Nutter at

9. From Tom Schek at

10. From Scott Shiffer at

Lines and Colors

11. From Kelly Parker at

12. From Donald Demers at

13. From Ludmila Karameros

14. From Mary Erickson at

15. From Sandi Whetzel at

16. From Sharon Lynn Williams at

17. From Julianne Richards at

18. From Sheryl Parsons at

19. From Sharon Webster

20. From Rebecca Finch at

21. From Sarah at

Thanks to everyone who participated. . . new articles from EE will return on the 28th.

Enjoy the holidays and drive/stay safe!



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