Linda Rorer: Silverleaf Landscapes and Swirling Clouds

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Linda Rorer is a talented oil painter whose work is both traditional and contemporary. On the one hand, her medium is oil and her subjects are landscapes and figures.

On the other hand, Linda often paints on top of silver leaf, giving her landscapes in particular a unique, light-reflective atmosphere.

The Silver Lining by Linda Rorer

I love how 90% of this piece is devoted to the sky, with its swirling, glowing web of clouds. The landscape is simply there as a reference point, nothing more.

And really, Linda’s paintings are almost all about atmosphere anyway, whether she’s painting on metal or not. For example, the morning mists seen rising up below give both depth and luminosity to the painting—without any silver behind it.

Silence by Linda Rorer

If you visit her portfolio, you’ll notice that those sentinel-like trees and layered hills play a recurring role in many of Linda’s paintings. . . becoming a subtle motif running throughout her work.

They make an appearance in this final, intriguing piece, as well.

Silver Dew by Linda Rorer

Only the most basic visual elements are shown: sky, horizon, and foreground, and all three break out of their bounding box—but once again, it’s the sky that dominates the space, spreading farthest into the silver frame.

If you’d like to see more of Linda Rorer’s unique landscape paintings, please check out her website at


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