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Monday in Artist Websites – If you’re tired of trying to fit in on MySpace or Facebook then come back tomorrow for my review of, a new social network for artists. Granted, it’s not nearly as big as Wetcanvas or DeviantArt, but for just launching a year ago I think it’s off to a great start.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – There are a number of ways to create areas of emphasis in a painting, and on Tuesday Dianne Mize will cover six techniques to help you do just that. Don’t miss it!

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Mitch Baird’s painterly landscapes are truly inspired, from initial composition to final brushstroke. Learn more about him (and see some of his artwork) right here on Wednesday.

Thursday in Art Opinion – For new art collectors, knowing where to start can be a bit daunting. This week’s reader-submitted article by Ken Joslin offers several suggestions and insights that may help.

Friday in Photoshop Tricks – Margot Dinardi returns at the end of the week with another fantastic GIMP tutorial—this time she’ll be explaining how to achieve the look of a traditional oil painting in GIMP while using a Wacom tablet.

And if you missed any of last week’s articles, here there are again:

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Painting with Economy: 3 Excellent Examples of Why Less is More in Art

Landscape Paintings of the American Midwest by Sharon France

A Review of Online Marketplace for Emerging Artists

The Quick Start Guide to Using A Digital Drawing Tablet in GIMP

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