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Monday in Art Opinion – Some of you may have already heard about Imagekind being bought by CafePress, but if not, come back for tomorrow’s article. I’ll be covering the basic details of the buyout, of course, but I’m also going to share who I WISHED would have made the purchase—and a few other thoughts, no doubt. : )

Tuesday in General Art Advice – Denise continues her series on hosting a community art event, and this week the subject is participation—specifically, how to encourage it among all participants so your event is a success. Don’t miss it!

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Kim Shields is a talented artist whose paintings explore the richness of the Texas Hill Country (as well as the surrounding Southwest). I’ll post some of her landscapes right here on Wednesday.

Thursday in Drawing Tips – If you’re a new artist, check back for another beginning drawing tutorial exploring 3-dimensionality and the concept of “artistic perfection.”

Friday in General Art Advice – As promised, Friday’s tutorial will show you how to download and install GIMP (a free Photoshop-style program) on your own PC. For all you Mac users, just hang in there. . . your tutorial is coming soon!

Here’s a rundown of last week’s articles:

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