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Monday in General Art Advice – Hosting a successful community art event takes a lot of planning (as we discussed last week) and a hefty dose of promotion. Drop in tomorrow for some good advice on how to promote your own event.

Tuesday in Drawing Tips – If you’re learning to draw for the first time or simply need a refresher course on some of the basics, don’t miss Tuesday’s article on using guidelines in your drawings.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Just recently I stumbled across an incredibly talented painter by the name of David Jon Kassan. Come back on Wednesday to see some of his artwork—I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Thursday in Selling Art Online – Do you Twitter? In this week’s reader-submitted article, Daniel Sroka talks about some of the pros and cons to using Twitter.com to market your art.*

Friday in General Art Advice – Open source software is an excellent way for all artists to start working digitally—without the awful price tag that comes with most art software. Learn more about that this Friday, from EE’s newest writer, Margot Dinardi.

Art news of note:

Congrats to BoundlessGallery.com for reaching the $1 million dollar mark in artwork sales last month—it’s a big milestone for them (and the artists they represent) and as longtime supporters of EmptyEasel I’m glad to see they’re doing well.

Also, I was asked to judge a themed art competition at EBSQ last week which you’re more than welcome to check out. EBSQ always has events like this going on and it was a lot of fun being a part of it.

Plus, here are last week’s articles one more time:

How to Plan a Community Art Event

The One Drawing Skill Every Beginning Artist Needs

Colorful Landscapes and Figures by Dominique Amendola

Need a Painting Reference? Clay Models and Dioramas can Help!

What’s the Most Difficult Part of a Painting For You? Poll Results

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Monday in Art Opinion - Some of you may have already heard about Imagekind being bought by CafePress, but if not, come back. . . read more

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