This Week: 5/4 through 5/10

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Monday in Selling art Online – A few months ago I posted a survey on EmptyEasel which asked artists where they sold most of their art—in a traditional gallery, through their own website, etc.

That poll has pulled in a lot of different answers (with over 260 artists contributing) and tomorrow I’m going to delve into those results to see what conclusions I can draw from them. It should be interesting. . .

Tuesday in Selling art Online – I’m always impressed by artists who think outside the box when it comes to marketing their art, and just the other day I found a great example which I wanted to pass along to all of you. Hopefully it will get your own creative juices flowing as well.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Priscilla Treacy is a printmaker and painter whose work spans several mediums, including watercolor, oils, and pastels. As a result, her work is quite varied but always very good. Come back on Wednesday for the full story.

Thursday in Art Opinion – In response to my review of CafePress a few weeks ago, David Arandle has written an article explaining why he likes CafePress as a way to sell reproductions of his art. I’ll be publishing that article in full on Thursday.

Friday in Artist Polls – As you were growing up, were you encouraged to be an artist or not? How did that affect you? Vote here, I’ll post the results on Friday.

And here are the articles from last week, too:

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