This Week: 4/20 through 4/26

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Monday in Featured Artists – A few days ago I came across a great poem for artists (well, for anyone creative, really) and got permission from the author to post it on EmptyEasel. The poem is by Robert Bruce, a contemporary American poet, and I really hope you’ll all come by tomorrow to check it out.

Tuesday in Selling Art Online – After writing about CafePress last week I thought I’d even the score and review as well. (Zazzle is another large print-on-demand online company, like CafePress.) If you’re thinking of jumping into one or the other, make sure to drop by for that review on Tuesday.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – I have to say, I’m continually impressed by the variety of painting styles, mediums, and subjects that appear in my inbox each week—it certainly makes choosing just ONE artist per week a difficult challenge.

This Wednesday, however, I’ll be featuring JK Chapman’s bold paintings of compressed buildings and crowded cityscapes. Remember, if you’d like the chance to have your own artwork featured in the coming weeks, just send it in.

Thursday in Art Movements – Donovan Gauvreau has submitted another excellent article to EE (which I’ll be publishing on Thursday) about Japanese art prints and their history in both the East and West.

As always, feel free to visit EmptyEasel’s article submission form to submit an article, opinion, or blog post of your own.

Friday in Artist Polls – There are quite a few articles on EmptyEasel about selling prints or posters of original artwork, but lately I’ve become curious to see what percentage of artists are actually interested in the reproduction market.

To that end, I’ve posted a new poll for the week which asks, “would you rather be selling reproductions of your art, or the original artwork?” If you have an opinion one way or the other, please vote. I’ll post the results on Friday.

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