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Monday in General Art Advice: Here’s a question for you—does your art fulfill a current need, or create a new one? That idea of “fulfilling needs” is straight from the business world, and yet I think it can be applied to art as well. I’ll explain more of my thoughts on that tomorrow.

Tuesday in Selling Art Online: Come back for my review of CafePress.com, one of the original marketplaces for printing and selling art reproductions online. They offer the ability to put your art on more than just paper, too (options include t-shirts, mugs, stickers, etc) which I think might appeal to some of you as well.

Wednesday in Featured Artists: I’ve written about some unique artwork in the past, but this week’s featured artist is really in a league of his own. Technically speaking, he combines sculpture, abstract painting, and realistic portraiture all in one—and yet that doesn’t even begin to cover it. Get the full story here on Wednesday.

Thursday in Art Opinion: I’ll be publishing an article by Euphrosene Labon which talks about investing in yourself as an artist (and how others will invest in you too). If you’d like to send in an article or blog post of your own, please take a moment to visit the article submission page for more info.

Friday in Artist Polls: How many hours per day do you spend on art? Give it your best guess, then vote here! I’ll publish the results on Friday.

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Monday in Featured Artists - A few days ago I came across a great poem for artists (well, for anyone creative, really) and got permission from the author to post it on EmptyEasel. The poem is by Robert Bruce, a contemporary American poet, and I really hope you’ll all come by tomorrow to check it. . . read more

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