When Suns and Fractals Collide: Brilliant
Digital Artwork by Nathan Selikoff

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Nathan Selikoff is a computer programmer and mathematician—as well as a creator of beautiful digital prints via a rather unusual medium of numbers, logic, and code.

In fact, when I first came across Nathan’s work several months ago, I honestly wasn’t sure what to make of it. . . it seemed complex (the process undoubtedly is) and even a little mechanical for my taste.

But lately I’ve come around. I couldn’t help myself.

Take one of his most recent pieces, for example, entitled Helios [var.1198505515].

Helios [var

I may not understand his methods (perhaps you will—he generates each image using “strange attractors” a type of fractal structure that evolves itself according to the underlying math) but the results are stunning anyway.

If we could physically see into the extreme range of light and heat that makes up a supernova, I imagine we’d find ourselves looking at something like that. . . a barely contained sphere of curling, lashing, lines of white-hot fire.

Naturally, the treatment of each image in Photoshop helps to enhance the specific aesthetic qualities Nathan is looking for, which can change depending on the fractal structure in question.

Some of his earlier pieces ended up more like charcoal or pencil drawings, which also seem to suit the ever-so-delicate whorls and traceries in Nathan’s art.

Suspension #1 by Nathan Selikoff

Personally, I love color. . . so I’m looking forward to seeing more of Nathan’s work like Helios (the first image) and the following piece entitled SA_1188414303.

Once again, it’s mathematically derived title gives nothing away—but its organic form and sweepingly lovely composition are enough to make me a fan.

SA 1188414303 by Nathan Selikoff

In fact, I’d love to see a series of three images based on the one above, a group of organic fractals if you will, each one with a different composition but all of them with the same sense of growth and calm.

For more information about Nathan’s artwork, or to see the rest of his online portfolio, please visit his website at www.NathanSelikoff.com


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