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A Special Thanks to EE Contributors

As many of you know, every week I try to publish an article on EmptyEasel that’s been written by someone other than myself—they range from opinion articles to full tutorials, and they’re usually submitted by readers just like you.

Today I wanted to take a moment and publicly thank all of those guest writers who have submitted articles during the past few months, while giving you a way to find out more about them and their art. (All you need to do is just click on any name and you’ll go straight to their website.)

Let’s start with two artists who’ve recently had more than one article published on EE: Karen Cooper and Kimberly Walton .

Karen’s articles include an overview of the daily painting trend and a suggestion on where to find inspiration for your art, while Kimberly gave some advice to artists preparing art portfolios and wrote an article comparing Monet and Cezanne .

I’ve also published some articles about marketing and promoting art courtesy of Corinne Galla who talked about her own experiences just starting out , and Andrew Gibson , who interviewed several leading photographers on Imagekind and then compiled this list of 7 tips for increasing art sales online.

Hearing about art products or services from people who use them is excellent too, so if anyone’s ever interested in submitting a review like David Arandle did, please feel free. David joined a program called GetPaidToDraw and wrote this article about it so we’d all know what to expect before signing up ourselves.

Of course, if you’ve just attended an educational art event and want to pass along some of what you’ve learned, you could do that too.

David Patterson’s information from a Desmond O’Hagan oil and pastel workshop was a great read, as was Bernard Victor’s article which covered an abstract painting course . It’s not like being there, of course, but there’s still a lot you can learn from articles like that.

Sometimes people just want to write about what’s on their minds, which I’m glad to publish too. (Well, as long as it relates to art.)

For instance, Crista Forest shared why we should be encouraging young artists based primarily on her own experiences growing up, and I couldn’t agree more with what she said. Chris Bolmeier’s article questioned whether artistic talent was innate or taught, and which was better. Read it for yourself if you’d like.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention some of the really good tutorials that have been sent in over the past few months like Robert Sloan’s mat cutting article , or MaryAnn Cleary’s tutorial on how to make a paintbrush cleaner jar. (A lot of people seem to like that one especially.)

Nancy Hodge also sent in a very creative idea , and Carol Nelson contributed a great article on making acrylic paintings with extreme texture .

Corrine Bongiovanni’s article on finalizing a painting is excellent too.

Once again, I’d encourage all of you to browse around and visit each artist’s website or art blog. And if one of these articles has inspired you, why not let the author know? I guarantee it’ll make their day.

*Note: this post may contain affiliate links*

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