This Week: 2/24 through 3/1

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Monday in Art Opinion – I’ve decided it’s high time I made special mention of all the guest authors who have contributed articles to EmptyEasel over the past few months. Most of them are excellent artists in their own right, so I really hope you’ll drop in tomorrow and get to know who they are.

Tuesday in Selling Art Online – Good news, everyone—I finally got some decent results from my experimental Adwords campaign! On Tuesday I’ll show you those results and let you know how I intend to improve on them.

In the meantime, if you’d like to revisit the first, second, or third article in my Adwords for Artists series, feel free.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Using only a palette knife (no brushes) Trisha Lamoreaux‘s thickly impastoed oil paintings are a sight to be seen and touched. Come back on Wednesday for the full story.

Thursday in General Art Advice – If you’ve been struggling to grow your mailing list then you will not want to miss this upcoming article by Marsha Robinett. Using her own successes and failures as a guide, Marsha explains several excellent techniques (both offline and online) that any artist can use.

Friday in Artist Polls – When I started EmptyEasel I wrote mostly about oil painting, but I soon realized that EE should be about more than just that. So I want to know—what’s your favorite artistic medium? What are you interested in?

Maybe you don’t even use it yourself, you just love how it looks, or you’ve always wanted to learn more about it.

Vote here and I’ll publish the results on Friday. Plus, I’ll see if I can post more articles on the subjects that you’re all interested in. : )

And if you missed ‘em, here are the articles from last week:

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