8 Must-read Art Blogs for 2008 – a Few of the Best Art Blogs Online

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Internet junkie that I am, I tend to read a lot of art blogs. I’ve found many good art blogs and some great art blogs—but for this particular list, I wanted to pick the cream of the crop: the very best art blogs online.

My criteria? I chose blogs that are focused on art, illustration, or design that consistently feature helpful and well-written articles, are frequently updated, and have the staying power to last all the way through 2008.

Then I narrowed it down to my top 8.

To the thousands of art bloggers who just barely missed the cut—my sincere apologies. It was a tough list to make. But without further ado, and in no particular order, here’s my list of “best art blogs” heading into 2008.

8 Must-read Art Blogs for 2008

Art News BlogArt News Blog contains (no surprise here) frequently updated art news from around the world, with stories ranging from merely interesting to downright sensational. Each news item is blended with commentary from the artist behind the blog, Australian painter Dion Archibald, and written in a conversational style.

Overall, I’ve found it’s an excellent way to keep up with whatever (or whoever) is making waves in the international world of art.

Making a MarkKatherine Tyrrell’s art blog continues to be one of the best online sources I’ve found for pastel, pencil, and pen and ink information, as well as the occasional review of UK art shows and historical artists. Katherine’s also written some excellent posts on blogging and using Squidoo lenses, which I’d encourage you to read if you’re looking to increase your exposure online.

DaniDraws – If you’re into Photoshop and Illustrator or are looking for tips on illustration in general, Danidraws is the place for you. Written by Dani Jones, a professional illustrator, Danidraws.com has a plethora of articles and videos explaining both traditional media and computer aided illustration techniques.

Lines and Colors – I’m pretty sure there’s more art information on Lines and Colors than any one person could ever read. Of course, that’s not to say it isn’t worth trying. The author, Charley Parker, covers the lives and artwork of painters and illustrators (both living and dead) with new posts every day.

William WrayWilliam Wray is a southern California comic book artist turned painter whose plein air paintings and sketches (and occasional stories behind the artwork) are always fascinating. Even if you only have a few minutes, it’s worth a visit.

Up all Night Again – This elegantly designed blog is authored by Kirsty Hall, an artist and art curator from the UK. Not only will you find frequent updates about her life and art but also some excellent articles for artists just starting out online.

LaurelinesLaurelines is the epitome of a great sketchblog—constantly updated with lots of pen and ink, pencil, and watercolor sketches from everyday life. There are also several themed projects like 101 Faces and travel sketches, and I’m sure there are plenty more coming in 2008.

A List Apart – Closer to an online magazine than a blog, A List Apart covers almost every aspect of creating artistic and functional websites. Yes, this blog often talks about HTML and CSS, but it also includes sections on design and layout and the art of simply writing well.

Obviously there are many more blogs worthy of mention, so if you’re a blogger I’d encourage you to make your own list of “art blogs to read in 2008” and post it online.

It’d be a great way to kick off the new year, and of course I’d be willing to link to your list from mine—so let me know if you do.

Here are the links to those lists so far:

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And murmerART.com has their list too: top blogs of 2008.


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