This Week: 12/9 through 12/15

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Monday in Selling Art Online – Last week I wrote about how to target potential art buyers through Facebook’s new advertising system. Tomorrow I’ll go one step further and talk about how to create compelling Facebook ads (ones that get clicked on, in other words) and how to avoid paying too much for them.

Tuesday in Historical Artists – If you like early 20th century Americana art but want something a bit deeper than Norman Rockwell, don’t miss this Tuesday’s article. I’ll be covering the life and art of Edward Hopper, one of my favorite American painters.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – To be honest, I’m not sure who I’m going to pick this week. I guess you’ll just have to show up on Wednesday and find out. : )

Thursday in Art Products – Come back for David Arandle’s in-depth review of a program called “Get paid to draw.” To me it still seems a little like a get-rich scheme aimed at artists, but since David spent a good deal of time on this and wrote a very honest review, I’ll let you make up your own mind on the subject.

Friday in Art Opinion – This week’s poll is an easy one—how long have you been an artist? Don’t worry, it’s completely anonymous. . . no one’s keeping track of your age here. : ) Vote now and see the results on Friday.

Don’t forget, if you’d like to write an article for EmptyEasel, just send it in! When your article is published I’ll link back twice to your website or art blog—which is pretty much a guaranteed boost in traffic. Plus, I always edit every article so you won’t have to worry about spelling or grammar mistakes.

And of course if writing’s not your thing, feel free to submit your art instead.

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