This Week: 11/11 through 11/17

By admin in Weekly Preview

Break out the cake and candles. . . this week is one year old!

So instead of posting new articles I thought I’d take a few days off and try to get a little further along on another pet project of mine. (It’s actually something for all of you art bloggers out there. . . but more on that in a few months.)

In the meantime, here are some of EmptyEasel’s top articles from the past 365 days.

How to Make Better Oil Paintings: Techniques for Correctly Mixing Color

How to Photograph your Artwork for a Portfolio or the Internet

Deep Linking Techniques for Art Bloggers (and Artists with Online Portfolios)

9 Steps to Creating Better Compositions

How to Increase Traffic to your Art Blog by Describing your Artwork for Google

Plus, these five featured artists were a few of my favorites—you should definitely check them out if you haven’t already!

Fields, Farmlands, and Barns by Michael Defrancesco

Robin Kibby’s Urban Landscape Paintings

Night Time Photography by John Vias

Jeff Cohen: Paintings and Squares

An Apple a Day: Daily Paintings by Carol Marine


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