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Monday in Selling Art Online – Last week I started putting together a list of tools and skills that I think every artist needs if they want to succeed in the online art market. Tomorrow I’ll post the full list on EE—check back in to see if you’ve got what it takes!

Tuesday in Art Movements – Some of the greatest artists in history were making art during the Baroque period. On Tuesday I’ll be writing about them, the Baroque movement, and a few specific pieces of Baroque art as well.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – This week’s featured artist wrote an article for Empty Easel a few months back. . . Any guesses as to who it is? Plus, if you’d like to submit your own artwork for upcoming weeks, it’s a piece of cake—just fill out this very short submission form.

Thursday in Selling Art Online – Recently I received an email asking me about an online art gallery called I hadn’t ever heard of them before (not a great sign, right?) but I took a look and on Thursday I’ll give you the full review.

Friday in Art Opinion – Can art be taught? Are there “natural” artists? Come back at the end of the week to hear Chris Bolmeier’s opinion on that very subject.

If you want to sound off on something yourself, feel free to submit your own article, whether it be an art opinion or a tutorial. Click here to learn what’s in it for you!

On a similar note, I’ve organized all my SEO for Artists articles into one section on, so if you’re interested in learning how to get more traffic to your website or art blog, just follow the link above.

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