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Monday in Selling Art Online – Tomorrow’s article will be primarily for artists who have their own blogs—if you’re not blogging, maybe this will convince you to start. Then check back on Monday for a couple of tips on how to get your blog posts noticed right when you publish them.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – Have you ever used the newspaper to get publicity for your art? I don’t mean paying for an ad; I mean being featured in an article. Sound too good to be true? On Tuesday I’ll explain exactly how to make it happen.

Wednesday in Art Movements – Cubism is one of my favorite art movements, perhaps because it’s so different from my own painting style. Check back in on Wednesday to learn about the ideas behind Cubism and a few of its leading artists.

Thursday in Featured Artists – More reader-submitted artwork coming your way this Thursday! If you’d like to have your art featured just send me a few images and I’ll add your name to the list.

Friday in Art Opinion – This Friday I’m going to try something new—I think I’ll call it article by committee. : ) The topic will be “Abstract Art” and ALL of you are invited to share your opinion.

I‘m not looking for long essays—just jot down whatever comes to mind when you hear the words “Abstract Art,” and send it in.

Everyone who participates will get a short paragraph (and a link to their website or art blog, of course) included in Friday’s article. If there are too many responses I’ll publish half of them this Friday and the rest a week later.

I’m extremely curious to see what will come up with such a broad topic—I’m sure most of you have ideas and opinions (maybe even stories) forming in your mind already. . . so head on over to EE’s article submission form and send them in!

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Monday in Selling Art Online - In tomorrow’s SEO for Artists article, I’ll explain how to choose a strong domain name for selling art online plus a few tips on creating good page URL’s for your website or art blog. Believe it or not, all of that ties in to getting more traffic from Google and the other search. . . read more

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