This Week: 9/16 through 9/22

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Monday – Here’s a question: how many paintings (or photographs, or other works of art) do you have to sell in a year to make a living from it? Do you know? Tomorrow I’ll talk about one way to figure out realistic goals for yourself as an artist, especially if you’re making a transition from part-time artist to full-time.

Tuesday – Another SEO for Artists article is coming your way on Tuesday! It’ll have more information on getting the search engines to send visitors to your website or blog, and it could even make you reconsider which blogging provider to use when promoting your art.

Wednesday – With all the submitted artwork sent in recently, I’m definitely going to have to plan another week-long, featured artist marathon like the one at the beginning of August. As it is, you can catch some very cool art this Wednesday—and feel free to send in your own artwork if you haven’t already.

Thursday – It’s been a few weeks since I covered anything art history related, and I kind of miss it. On Thursday I’ll dive into Art Nouveau, an art movement based around organic lines and movement. . . similar to last week’s featured artwork, actually.

Friday – Friday’s article comes courtesy of Donovan Gauvreau. If you’re interested in learning more about art auctions or buying art, you won’t want to miss it.

And remember, if you’d like to submit your own art opinion, tutorial, or artist review, I’ll do my best to publish it on EE as well.

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