This Week: 8/5 through 8/11

By admin in Weekly Preview

EmptyEasel’s redesign is (practically) finished! Check out our new look if you haven’t already, it’s quite a bit different.

I’ll still be working on the site throughout the week trying to finish up the new Art Market section which unfortunately ISN’T live yet. (Sorry about the delay on that. . . It’ll be up sometime this week, I promise!)

In addition, this week I’ll be featuring five artists, Monday through Friday! Thanks to all of you who submitted artwork; I hope you’ll drop in each day to find out whose work got chosen.

Remember, you can submit your artwork to be featured anytime, since I always review at least ONE new artist on a weekly basis.

And with the new changes I’ve made on EmptyEasel, if you don’t get reviewed by me, perhaps you’ll get reviewed by someone else. Now you (and any artist) can write an article and submit it to EmptyEasel to be published online. If you do, I’ll link back to your website so people can find your work as well.

Read more about why you might want to write for EmptyEasel.

Finally, a big thank you to all the readers who have been letting me know about errors in the new layout, or who wrote in to give me their feedback—it’s been a huge help! If I didn’t respond to you personally, it’s just because at first there was a glitch in the contact form and some of your email addresses didn’t come through. (It’s fixed now, though.)

And as always, if you have any ideas or suggestions for what you’d like to see on EE, please write in and let me know.


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