This Week: 7/22 through 7/28

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Monday – Recently I got to thinking about the permanence of art. We create art all the time, but do we really stop and think that our paintings (or sculptures, or what have you) may still be looked at centuries from now when we’re gone? I’ll publish more of my thoughts on this “immortality” of art tomorrow.

Tuesday – Last week’s featured artist was from my home state of Oregon, but this week I’m going a bit farther afield. On Tuesday I’ll show some excellent landscapes and seascapes by an artist from England, many of which tend towards abstraction. You won’t want to miss it!

Wednesday – I must be on an Impressionist kick, because I’m following up last week’s article on Mary Cassatt with an article on Claude Monet. Come back on Wednesday to see some of his paintings and read about his life.

Thursday – There are some great resources for artists online that you may not know of—this Thursday I’ll share two or three websites that I go to quite often when looking for information on artists and art movements.

Friday – On Friday I’ll talk about impasto: what it is, why (and when) you might want to use it as a technique, and it’s importance in painting history.

Saturday – Another cartoon is on it’s way. (Have I mentioned I usually do them the night before?) If you have an idea for an art cartoon, let me know and I’ll give it my best shot.


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