This Week: 7/15 through 7/21

By admin in Weekly Preview

Monday – Remember artist’s agents? Maybe some of you have one, but I’m pretty sure that most artists don’t these days. Well, I think there’s a change coming—it involves the internet and a very special kind of agent who would represent you online. Find out more, tomorrow.

Tuesday – On Tuesday I’ll be featuring artwork by another EmptyEasel reader, so make sure to check back in for that. Also, if you haven’t yet submitted your own art to be featured, check out the submission guidelines here.

Wednesday – Mary Cassatt was an American Impressionist whose paintings were absolutely gorgeous. Wednesday I’ll be covering her life and works.

Thursday – On Thursday I’ll be reviewing Yessy, another website for original artists to sell their work. There are pros and cons as always, but I’m somewhat optimistic about this one—as far as traffic goes, they’re doing pretty well.

Friday – Friday’s tutorial will be on Chiaroscuro—for painters, this is a term that might come up fairly often. I’ll cover its beginnings, why it’s important, and which artists made it popular.

Saturday – Another little cartoon is on its way. . . I’ve given up trying to predict exactly what I’ll come up with, but hopefully it’ll be moderately entertaining.


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