This Week: 7/8 through 7/14

By admin in Weekly Preview

Monday – Artist Rising recently sent out an email to its members stating their future course of action. Since I’ve been interested in the Artist Rising situation from the very beginning (as many of you are), I’ll share what their email said and my opinion on what it means for all of us.

Tuesday – Thanks to all of you who have been submitting artwork for review, but unfortunately I’ve got to make a tough decision this week between several great artists. Check back on Tuesday to see who this week’s featured artist will be.

Wednesday – On Wednesday I’ll be writing about the life and works of 19th century French painter, Eugene Delacroix. I’ve always enjoyed the excitement and energy in his paintings, and I’m sure you will too.

Thursday – ArtByUs is an online art auction site which I came across sometime last year. I haven’t reviewed it up to this point because, to be honest, I didn’t think much of it. I’ll let you know why on Thursday.

Friday – If you’ve ever wondered what makes a painting “Impressionist” then you’ll want to read Friday’s tutorial. I’ll talk about why Impressionism began, the artists associated with it, and what stylistic qualities an Impressionist painting should have.

Saturday – This weekend I‘ll be doing another curved, art nouveau influenced cartoon like last week and try to perfect that style a bit more. If you’ve got a funny art-related idea, send it in and I’ll use it for the cartoon.


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