This Week: 6/17 through 6/23

By admin in Weekly Preview

Monday – Tomorrow I’ll publish a companion article to last week’s How to Handle a Critique. This Monday it’s all about how to give a good one.

Tuesday – EE’s historical artist this week is Pablo Picasso, and I already know I won’t have the space to adequately cover his life and works. I’ll just have to give it my whirlwind best.

Wednesday – More submitted artwork is on its way this Wednesday! My apologies again to those of you I haven’t gotten back to yet; I do read every email and respond when I can. If you haven’t sent in your art yet, check out the guidelines.

Thursday – Normally I don’t display my own work on EE, but recently I’ve had several readers ask about my paintings so I thought I’d show a few from my latest series to answer everyone all together. And, since I bit the bullet and paid to have prints made of one of my paintings, I’ll let you know where I went and how they turned out.

Friday – The last article in my color series is here and, whether you consider it to truly be a color or not, white is certainly worth talking about. Check back in on Friday to read all about it.

Saturday – A doodle, a cartoon, an inkblot. . . something fun will appear this weekend. But let’s just make it through the workweek first, all right? : )


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