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Monday – Ever see art for sale online and wonder WHO the heck would pay the outrageous price they’re asking? On Monday I’ll talk a little bit about pricing your art for an internet audience along with some other basic marketing strategies.

Tuesday – Tuesday we’ll take a look at Diego Velazquez, famous Spanish painter of the 17th century. His paintings are beautifully realistic and often inspired me as a painter early on.

Wednesday – As if there weren’t enough out there already, on Wednesday I’ll be reviewing another website where you can list your art for sale—the good news is it seems to have enough traffic to make it worth your while.

Thursday – This week I’ll be featuring reader submitted paintings which beautifully combine both abstract and figurative elements. And while you‘re waiting for Thursday to roll around, why not submit your own artwork?

Friday – On Friday I’ll continue the EmptyEasel color series with the “color” black. Despite what you might think, it’s a fairly psychologically complex color so there’ll be plenty to talk about.

Saturday – Another cartoon, maybe with an early Father’s Day theme this time. . . I’ve had a few ideas for that kicking around.

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Monday: Art is so subjective that it’s hard to make a judgment call sometimes—in fact, it’s gotten to the point where people look at art and say, "Someone must like it, so. . . it must be good art and I’ll learn to like it too." I think there’s a better way, and on Monday I’ll explain why it’s important to express your own opinion, even if it's not. . . read more

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