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Do you scribble cartoons all day at work? Or if you’re a bit younger, are your doodles the only thing getting you through Algebra, Biology, or whatever you have eighth period?

If so then there’s a place for you at RatemyDrawings.com.

RatemyDrawings is a community driven website with a flash program that allows users to create drawings online and then have their digital artwork voted on by the community.

The drawing tools aren’t anything high-tech, of course, and I think you’ll find more options in Windows Paint, let alone something really good like Adobe Photoshop.

Drawing ToolsBasically you get a pencil with varying widths, line and fill tools, an airbrush, and some transparency options. It’s more than I’ve seen online before, and yet not nearly enough if you’re looking for something serious.

But RatemyDrawings’ appeal is clearly spelled out in the name.

Make a drawing and your peers will rate it. Seconds after your doodle is done, it’ll be viewable to thousands of people.

That’s all. Once you get into it, it’s oddly addicting.

And even with the limited options available (or in spite of it) you CAN find some amazing drawings on there.

If you’re curious how some of the better drawings were made, it’s easy enough to follow along and see how to improve. One of the coolest features of RatemyDrawings.com is that when you click to view another artist’s drawing, you’ll see it re-created right in front of you, step-by-step.

When you get bored with doodling, RatemyDrawings.com also has a forum, a chat room, and monthly competitions for inspiration and incentive. And of course you can spend a lot of time just reviewing other artists’ drawings as well.

Naturally I took a shot at creating a cartoon myself, lightly poking fun at the way the online drawing program turned my quick, curved strokes into angled lines.

RatemyDrawings Cartoon

Apparently drawing fast and curves don’t mix well.

If you’d like to watch my cartoon take shape, click here. Or just head on over to RatemyDrawings.com and try it out yourself.


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