Lines and Colors: What an Excellent Art Blog Should Be

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Bloggers are a diverse bunch, aren’t they? And art blogs are no different—you never know exactly what you’ll get when you visit an art blog for the first time.

That’s why I think it’s always worth mentioning the people online who contribute to the world of art day in and day out.

And that’s why today’s article is about one of the best art bloggers out there: Charley Parker of Lines and Colors.

Lines and Colors

Here’s a sampling of what you won’t find on Lines and Colors: things like political statements, incoherent rants, self-seeking intellectualism, or confusing art terms—all of which just make it hard to enjoy art, and too often creeps into many art blogs.

What you will find on Lines and Colors, though, is well-written articles specifically about art, running the full range of styles and mediums, including anime and manga, pen and ink, digital art, and watercolors and gouache (just to name a few.)

Lines and Colors also tends to highlight many contemporary artists, often showcasing fantastic artists from the comic and 3D realm in addition to traditional painters and illustrators. Occasionally you’ll find a review of historical artists as well.

As a blogger myself, I’m always impressed when I find someone who publishes in-depth articles full of fresh content and insightful remarks every day. And while I’ll be the first to admit that blogging is not as easy as it might seem, Charley makes it look effortless.

So take a short break from EmptyEasel and head on over to Lines and Colors. Add it to your bookmarks, your feed reader, or jot it down in your personal planner and remember to swing by.

Because even if you’re not an artist, Lines and Colors is definitely one of the better ways to spend a few minutes (or hours) online.


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