This Week: 3/25 through 3/31

By admin in Weekly Preview

Monday – Do you experience any drawbacks to being an artist? Perhaps side effects would be a better term. Every once in a while I catch myself doing something that only an artist would. Tomorrow I’ll share a few of my artistic foibles, some of which you might relate to as well.

Tuesday – On Tuesday I’ll review, another website that sells original artwork by current artists. From what I’ve seen so far it looks like a good option to consider, so if you’re an artist, you won’t want to miss what I have to say..

WednesdayWillem Kalf was a Dutch still life painter and master of realism in the 1600s. Click the link to see several images of his paintings and read through a brief outline of his life.

Thursday – Speaking of masters of realism, this week’s featured artist definitely fits that description today. Check out this Thursday’s article to see three extremely realistic paintings by James Neil Hollingsworth.

Friday – Are you ready for more color mixing tips? If you are, then stick around. My original article on mixing paint colors didn’t go into much detail about some of the more neutral hues (browns and blacks especially) so on Friday I’ll be talking about mixing those and more.

Saturday – Yes, another cartoon—but wait! I’m going to be trying out some new drawing styles for the next few Saturdays, so I need YOU to promise you’ll drop in on the weekends and let me know what you think. All right? Good.


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