This Week: 3/18 through 3/24

By admin in Weekly Preview

Monday – Each year as winter comes to an end in Portland, I realize all over again how much I enjoy the sunshine. In tomorrow’s article I’ll talk about some related thoughts on Seasonal Affective Disorder, and how lights and colors affect my own feelings of well-being.

Tuesday – Vincent Van Gogh was a troubled, driven, artist that eventually committed suicide. During his own life, he never achieved any notable fame or fortune—So what makes his work so popular today? On Tuesday I’ll write about Van Gogh’s life, death, and art; and what we can take away from his tragic story.

Wednesday – This week I’ll be reviewing Carol Marine as my featured artist. She uses fantastically bold color along with strong, even chunky, brush strokes. Check out the link to see some of her work.

Thursday – Have you heard about the Saatchi Gallery and its ongoing art contest online? It’s actually become a huge internet art phenomenon recently, and you can read all about it by following that link.

Friday – On Friday I’ll be answering another question from a reader, this one about how to begin selling your artwork. There are two main ways to go about it, and I know many of you will be interested in the advice I gave to her.

Saturday – As for Saturday, well. . . I think for a change of pace I’ll post another cartoon. I know, I know—it’s a crazy idea, but I like to keep things fresh.


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