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Katherine Tyrrell’s blog, Making a Mark, is a fantastic resource for artists in every medium.

Making A Mark Blog

I first found Katherine’s blog when I was just starting, and have continued to be impressed with all the different art-related topics that she writes about.

Not only that, after I emailed her early on, she took the time to write me back and gave me several very good suggestions while I was still finding my blogging style.

For any pastel or pencil artists out there, Making a Mark contains lot of information about art supplies, including brands of pastels, colored pencils, and papers which Katherine uses and reviews for her readers. She also has quite a few articles on different artists and shows, plus the occasional introduction of an art movement or historical period.

No matter the topic, every article contains bits and pieces of solid artistic advice—regardless of whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at the easel for years.

And for my UK readers, Katherine is one of your own, located in London. You can find exhibition dates for her upcoming shows at her online portfolio as well as images of her work.

So even if you don’t have the chance to do anything else art related this week, be sure to take a look Making a Mark. I know you’ll be inspired.


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