This Week: 2/25 through 3/3

By admin in Weekly Preview

Monday – On monday I’ll be posting an article of 10 things every beginning artist should know. I was inspired last week by Dani’s list of 101 Projects for Artists and Illustrators and came up with a (much shorter) list of things that I wish I knew when I was just starting out. There might be some good reminders for established artists as well.

Tuesday – Paul Cezanne is one of my favorite historical painters, and is justifiably known as the father of modern art. On Tuesday I’ll talk about Cezanne’s life and show some of his paintings.

Wednesday – A while ago I wrote a review of MyArtPlot, one of several new websites catering specifically to artists. Now the MyArtPlot Marketplace is up and running and on Wednesday I’ll feature a quick review of that. And. . . perhaps I’ll have a few other interesting tidbits from around the internet as well.

Thursday – Lucian Freud—the grandson of the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud—is rather famous himself in today’s art world. If you’ve never heard of Lucian Freud (or even if you have) you’ll want to read Thursday’s review of one of Britain’s foremost figurative painters.

Friday – Oil Painting Brushes: How many do you really need? And what kinds are best? On Friday I’ll answer those questions and offer some more paint brush information and personal opinion.

Saturday – Another Saturday Cartoon! Let me know if you have any requests; I’d be more than happy to draw a cartoon around a punch line YOU come up with.


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