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Monday – Manga (Japanese comics) and Anime (Japanese animation) are very popular among kids today, and stylistically are often copied by young artists. On Monday I’ll talk about why that’s both good and bad for artistic development, as well as give some insight into this style of art.

Tuesday – Caravaggio was one of the first painters of the Baroque period who used dark shadows and intense light. On Wednesday I’ll talk about his tumultuous life (he became a wanted murderer in Rome) and show a few of his paintings.

Wednesday – Lately I’ve come across two great blogs for artists that offer a lot of fantastic articles and tutorials. Whether you’re a painter, a digital artist, or a creative soul looking for an outlet, I know you’ll enjoy them. Both websites are part of my regular reading, and on Tuesday I’ll be passing them along to you.

Thursday – I’ve already picked artist Megan Lightell to feature on Thursday, but if you have suggestions of great artists you’d like to see reviewed on EmptyEasel.com, let me know via my contact page. Check back on Thursday to see this week’s artist.

Friday – Painting is an art that often requires steady hands. So what do you do when you can’t keep your hands from shaking? On Friday I’ll offer several tips and strategies that may help.

Saturday – Another world-famous EmptyEasel Saturday cartoon! OK, so they’re not that famous. . . But you’ll definitely find a cartoon here on Saturday.

And, just to get more practice at cartooning, I’d be happy to do a cartoon for anybody out there – free of charge. Just let me know your idea or what you need, and I’ll draw it for you within the next few weeks.

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Monday - Every once in a while I receive information about art events or competitions, and on Monday I'll let you know about a new one. Check out the full article on Monday for all the details. Tuesday - Last week I had the opportunity to visit friends in Idaho, and was. . . read more

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