This Week: 1/14 through 1/20

By admin in Weekly Preview

Monday – After attending the Webinar last Wednesday, I’ve got more information for those of you interested in the changes they’re making. I’ll include some screenshots of both Sistino and Artist Rising, and try to cover the important issues that were discussed .

Tuesday – I’m a believer in hard work and determination, especially when it comes to art. On Tuesday I’ll talk about why people with all the artistic talent in the world can still fail; and show how determination can more than make up for talent.

Wednesday – If you’re just starting out in painting and aren’t sure whether to use oil or acrylic paints, don’t miss this article. Although I prefer oils myself, I’ll weigh the pros and cons of each medium and give suggestions on which one to use depending on your situation.

Thursday – This week’s featured artist is Robert Sandidge. If you know of a current artist that you’d like to see on, let me know at my contact page; I’m always looking for talented artists to review.

Friday – On Friday I’ll talk about how to set up both your artwork and your camera for the best possible pictures. I’ll even include some Photoshop tips for color correction, and give you links to a few places online that will turn you digital photos into traditional 35mm slides that you can use in your portfolio.

Saturday – Come back for another one-panel cartoon while the Bachelor of Arts storyline is on vacation.


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