Collaborative Art: Illustration Friday and Sugar Frosted Goodness

By Dan in Research > Art Websites

I’m always on the lookout for interesting art sites, and I thought I’d mention two of them that I visit regularly. is a website that allows illustrators and artists to participate creatively in a no-pressure environment.

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Each Friday a new topic is posted, and entries are accepted throughout the week, as long as they relate to that topic. Any type of artwork is allowed, so whether you’re a crayon artist, an oil painter, or anything in between, you can be a contributor too.

Past topics include subjects like “phobia,” “skyline,” “glamour,” and “robot.” Illustration Friday has covered over 110 topics in the past two years, and is a great site to visit on a daily basis.

The skill level of each contributor varies of course, but the way each one tackles the topic differently is fascinating to me. And every once in a while, a work of art blows me away.

IllustrationFriday also has the occasional artist interview and a forum for discussion, so there’s plenty to see.

If you’re interested, you can read the rules for entering your artwork here.

sugar-frosted-goodness is another fantastic website, which regularly posts artwork by a group of online illustrators and artists.

Similar to IllustrationFriday, you’ll be able to find interesting artwork on a variety of topics – and you can find links to each artist that participates too.

If you like either of these websites, give one a shot and start participating. I’ve found that exposure and collaboration always brings the best out of me, and I’m sure it will do the same for you.

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