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Monday – Even if you’re a brand new artist just starting out, there’s no reason to sell your art for pennies. OK, there MIGHT be one reason. On Monday I’ll let you know what that could be, as well as give a few resources and guidelines you can use to give you an idea of how to price your work.

Tuesday – With all the online art sites and individual portfolios I keep finding, there’s too many great artists for me to review them all. This Tuesday you can read about J Matt Miller; and, if you know an artist whose work is truly exceptional, you can always contact me, and I’ll consider them for review as well.

Wednesday – Artists tend to love variety, originality, and beauty; but we often find ourselves living in a world of mass production, statistics, and profit/loss margins. If you feel overcome by the daily grind, or think that your artistic ability is slipping away, don’t miss it. I’ll be writing about living creatively every day, as an encouraging reminder to artists everywhere that artistic growth can happen in any circumstance.

Thursday – Two new art sites recently popped up on my radar, so this Thursday I’ll be reviewing them for you. ArtFaceOff.com and MyArtPlot.com both offer innovative ways to promote your work while giving you the chance to join online communities of like-minded creative people.

Friday – This week’s tutorial will show you how to write a great artist statement and resume. Every artist ought to have these two simple documents ready to show at a moments notice, whether you’re actively applying to galleries or just starting to build your portfolio. A good artist statement and well-written resume will put you miles ahead of everyone else, and this article will show you how it’s done.

Saturday – I’ve had a lot of fun so far with my comic strip, Bachelor of Arts, and I think I’ve improved each week as well. Check back this Saturday for its next installment.

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Monday - I’m the type of person that likes to categorize practically everything, and this Monday you'll see some of that. I’ll be writing about five types of artists that there are in the world. Check back to find out exactly what I mean. Tuesday - ColourLovers.com is. . . read more

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