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Continuing the trend started last week, the following articles are mostly related to how artists use the internet.

More than just imparting information, my goal is to pass along some fresh inspiration this week on EmptyEasel.com, so enjoy your visit and feel free to bookmark the site for future reference.

Monday – If you’re the type of person who likes to read Artist Statements when you visit galleries then this article is for you. I translate one of the many artist statements I’ve found on the web into understandable, everyday English. For you artists out there it’ll bring home the importance of writing a clear artist statement as well.

Tuesday – In the past decade, the rise of technology and the world wide web has dramatically increased opportunities for artists on the internet, through forums, online galleries, and more. Click the link above to read the full article.

Wednesday – A special review of the art of David Simons, including images of his work, a general critique of his style, and a link to his website.

Thursday – Interested in selling your art via the internet? Then you won’t want to miss this review: Imagekind – A new way for Artists to Exhibit and Sell Art Online. I’ll give you both the good and the bad in this unbiased review.

FridayHow to Give Art as a Gift. This How-To article covers all the bases if you’re thinking about buying (or making) art for your friends and family this holiday season. Check it out on Friday to make sure that your artistic gift doesn’t wind up in a garage sale next spring.

Saturday – The third installment of my comic strip, Bachelor of Arts will be posted this coming Saturday. If you’ve missed it so far you can catch up by clicking on the comic strip tab in the upper right of this page.

That’s it for this week’s preview, hope to see you around!

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This week a lot of the topics will center around drawing. I believe drawing is an integral part of art, as well as the primary way artists can record and interact with the world on a daily basis. Although drawing may seem like a simple subject, I am sure you will enjoy the week ahead. Monday - Most of us love to draw as children, but grow out of it when we mature but our. . . read more

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